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The Perfect First Blog Post


This is my first ever blog post on Teaching Trafford so I want it to be just as perfect as my study looks in the photo above. Ironically, however, my study never has and never will look as wonderful as it did when I took this photo. The desk and its surroundings look pristine and untouched because they are exactly that.

Funnily enough though, even looking back now, I’m not thrilled with the positioning of the diary on top of the A4 notepad. Also, my macbook desktop these days resembles an explosion of miscellaneous documents and programmes rather than the minimalistic style depicted above. The pen that is eagerly poised on top of the printer looks ridiculously posed because, well, it was. I clearly thought deep down that these features would make my ‘photography’ more aesthetically pleasing. If anything it just looks clinical now.

So, much like the current state of my study, I will have to accept this blog for what it is and forever shall be: absolutely and positively imperfect. Phew. Now that I’ve successfully lowered all of your expectations…

I intend to use this blog as a means to muse on my own professional development as an NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) and to gain further insight into the practices of other teachers. Perhaps my rambling thoughts may even aid someone else if by some miracle they’re able to keep up with my nonsensical blabbering. If my pupils can manage, maybe adults can too!


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