NQT · Reflective Practice

The Best Teachers

“Children are the best teachers in the world.”

This is what came out of the mouth of someone who had spent the morning in my classroom for work experience.

I instantly grinned. Not only because I thought that would make an excellent opening quote for a blog, but also as she had succeeded in identifying what it was that inspired me to teach in the first place – something that had eluded me ever since the day I decided that teaching was the career for me.

Children are outstanding. They are curious little humans who help me to learn more about the world around me each and every day. I discover the answers to questions they ask me, I learn the approaches to solving the issues they bring to me and I learn about who I am and who I want to be by spending five hours and twenty minutes each weekday with these wonderful beings.

Thanks to my pupils, I have learned: how non-Newtonian fluid doesn’t follow Newton’s Law of Viscosity, that Star Trek is actually a good franchise and also how to speak Elvish. I have been exposed to: Russian poetry, Ghanaian greetings and the highs and lows of skiing in Switzerland. I have been challenged to question: my understanding of the education system, my religious beliefs and my role as a teacher. Every day I have to learn new content to deliver to these children, however, it is the children that are constantly immersing me in new learning and challenging me to develop my own understanding. I have a lot to thank them for.

OFSTED doesn’t have a category rating ‘the extent to which pupils inspire and influence the staff around them’. If there were, every school would rightfully receive an ‘outstanding’ thanks to children, the best teachers in the world.




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