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Working in Wonderland

The Year 3/4/5s have just wrapped up their last performance of Alice in Wonderland. They did an incredible job and I’m always so amazed by the talent that these little humans have.

The play has an absolutely bonkers plot filled with beautifully bizarre characters. I thought that sounded slightly familiar and then realised it sums up life as a teacher – bonkers yet beautiful. Therefore, I have found 13 Alice in Wonderland quotes that sum up working at a primary school.

  1. When the children say they prefer another teacher:


2. When one of your pupils won’t take off their coat indoors:


3. When you remind the children three times to put their work in their drawers but they still ask you where they should put their work:


4. When OFSTED comes to visit:


5. When you get the two minute warning that break time is about to finish:


6. When the class comes across a maths problem even the teacher can’t solve:


7. When a child farts as you walk past them:


8. When you’re struggling to think of a simile in English:


9. When you forget to send down the class’ post to the office:

Alice Through Looking Glass Film

10. When you finally remember to send the class’ post to the office:


11. When your children forget to write their names on their work:


12. When you catch sight of yourself in the mirror at the end of the week:


13. When you realise being a teacher is the best thing:


I am well and truly working in Wonderland.




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