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50 Reasons I’m Grateful For My Teaching Assistant

All too often, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in the school day that you forget to tell the people around you how appreciative you are of them.  There are so many people I value at the school I work at, however, if there’s one person who deserves some sort of award for putting up with all my shenanigans, it’s my teaching assistant. Sadly, I don’t have access to a golden globe trophy or anything of that sort but what I do have access to is a blog and a (hopefully) sound set of writing skills to portray my appreciation.

I’m grateful for my teaching assistant because:

  1. she takes on feedback readily and acts on it instantly
  2. she puts up with me each and every day
  3. she cares infinitely for the children
  4. she understands each pupil’s attitudes, strengths and needs
  5. she completes any tasks I ask of her and still manages to do even more
  6. she gives me half of her curry when I don’t have any lunch
  7. she challenged me to a dance off at the Christmas do
  8. she brings me tea and a cake from the staff room after I’ve been on break duty
  9. she came to see me in a production outside of school
  10. she loves ceilidhs just as much as I do
  11. she is a miracle worker at putting up displays
  12. she runs a SPAG focus group where the children have made great progress
  13. she asked me to participate in the After Eight challenge
  14. she marks the children’s homework
  15. she once sent me a picture of adorable baby donkeys to get me through the day
  16. she gave me a book called ‘Thirty Days Has September: Cool Ways to Remember Stuff’ which is right up my street
  17. she is always happy to listen to my woes and rants
  18. she shares a mutual love of Il Piccolo Monde
  19. she puts up with my infinite time table changes
  20. she forgave me when I lost the Christmas card I was meant to give to her
  21. she asks about my holidays
  22. she sends me interesting education articles and ideas
  23. she is fantastic at managing a groups of children
  24. her subject knowledge is sublime
  25. she is always willing to try new techniques and strategies
  26. she knows what to do in a crisis
  27. she is great at remembering the things that slip my mind
  28. she clarifies routines of the school that I was not aware of
  29. she respects me even though I look twelve years old
  30. she reassures me and helps me reflect when I feel a lesson didn’t go too well
  31. she gives me a hug when I’m feeling down
  32. she gets my sense of humour
  33. she sensitively corrects mistakes that myself and the children fail to spot
  34. she is honest and stands up for what she believes in
  35. she is always up for a laugh
  36. she asks for clarification when my notes make no sense
  37. she remembers to find me for our teacher/TA liaison when I almost always forget
  38. she is incredibly efficient at any job she undertakes
  39. she is missed when she is not in the classroom
  40. she shares the same educational values as myself
  41. her subject knowledge is sublime
  42. she wore the birthday hat despite her protests
  43. she SPAGS the certificates I give her
  44. she doesn’t realise how great she is
  45. she has a love for BIC pens too
  46. she always offer to help when she’s got a spare five minutes outside of class time
  47. any teacher would be very lucky to have her
  48. she is an absolute winner
  49. she’d politely, respectfully and humorously tell me I’ve only written 49 points, not 50

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