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Teacher Of The Week

As we crawl towards the summer term finish line, it’s all too easy to focus on being exhausted rather than turn our attention towards celebrating all of our achievements. Seeing my fellow NQT receiving Teacher of the Week, however, was a fantastic reminder that, even though we may feel like zombies in the last few days (or weeks) of term, this is because of all the hard work and effort it goes into working in a school.

One of Mr Feliciani’s pupils perfectly summed up why he deserves Teacher of the Week but I wanted to consider just a few of my own reasons as to why he should be awarded this title:


  • He organised an after-school writing workshop that received eager enthusiasm from KS2 pupils and positive responses from parents. He was kind enough to ask me to help out and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience too.
  • Not only does he have a class of children to look after at school but he also has a family of his own. I get home from school and – more often than not – just flop in exhaustion as my parents kindly support me – and sometimes quietly tiptoe around my napping body on the sofa. Meanwhile, he has his family to remain energetic around and share experiences with.
  • I spent an afternoon of my NQT time in his class the other week in order to spend time with some of my future pupils. I loved his enthusiastic and optimistic nature towards the kids and it was clear that they reflected this inspired and excited attitude. The atmosphere was infectious and I couldn’t resist getting stuck in with the activities too.
  • His bubbly personality isn’t just contained to his own classroom. He cracks jokes in staff meetings and always greets others with a positive message for the morning. Perhaps they don’t sound like big things but they can really make a positive impact on someone’s day.

I know this is a relatively short blog post and my excuse is that it’s only one day until I jet off on holiday for (what I hope is) a well deserved break. Throughout the summer holidays, however, consider what makes you Teacher of the Week. Reflect on your own achievements and consider the achievements of others, too. It’s a been a long (and at times, tough and gruelling) year but searching for the positives and successes we’ve all shared in will ensure we are refueled and reinvigorated for the academic year to come.




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