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Mindfulness and Meditation – Teaching Pupils Wellbeing Techniques

Let’s get one thing straight: the children’s health and wellbeing are paramount. If they leave my class at the end of the day smiling and content, that’s a win. There’s always another chance to practise multiplying pairs of fractions, to use apostrophes correctly or to improve that painting technique…but they should never pass up the chance to look after their wellbeing. Besides, those who are happy and healthy will be in a far better position to learn!

With that in mind, I’ve decided to introduce daily meditation time for my class.

Here’s how it goes down:

  • I ask them to get comfortable somewhere in the room
  • I play some peaceful, soothing music
  • I request that they close their eyes, rest their head on their hands or find another way to zone out of the current environment
  • I coach them with a range of mindfulness techniques
  • I give them a minute to slowly come out of their meditative state

This generally last ten minutes. I talk them through a number of strategies including ‘scanning’ the body, focusing on the rise and fall of the chest as they breathe and acknowledging – but not judging – sounds in our immediate surroundings. (Most of my ideas were magpies from Headspace – an app I have used myself to relax and recuperate.)

Image result for headspace app
I know, I know. Some people will be reading this thinking, ‘What a load of mumbo-jumbo.’ (I bet those people are the same ones that a drama lesson purely consists of pretending to be a tree!) So don’t take my word for it. Listen to the children.

Here are just a handful of the reasons they found meditation beneficial:


Let’s get one thing straight: the children’s health and wellbeing are paramount.

I’m hoping that, in time, the children will feel comfortable utilising these wellbeing strategies independently, in and out of school, to ensure that they are happy and healthy – such as they deserve.

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