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16 Times Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Has Summed Up Being A Teacher

1.  When a child asks what the date is when it’s always clearly written on the board:

2. When a child asks whether they can put the dried-up whiteboard pen in the bin:

3. When you forget to give a child an accident slip at the end of the day and feel guilty about it for the rest of eternity:tenor-2

4. When you’re unexpectedly complimented by a colleague:Paula_Proctor-1

5. When you see a child out in public and you’re all alone:636144988057587773995542079_747af190-ab81-0133-a052-0e7c926a42af

6. When they’ve worked hard and so you send them out for an extra break time:Crazy+Ex+Valencia+Madonna

7. When one pupil asks to do ‘show and tell’ and then the whole class seems to have something to share:

8. When a child eventually comes clean about a lie they’ve been telling:paula-gif

9. When a colleague at school tells you to relax:tenor-3

10. When the children leave the lids off their whiteboard pens:

11. When you and your colleagues accidentally show up in colour co-ordinated outfits:

12. When a child tries to bring back bottle-flipping:tenor-4

13. When a child tells you they’re going to beat you in a game:58bb06dc4b5c37c3ebb07e9f8cb4ebed8827a7a57663bc30930ca29af3e26874.gif

14. When a team member admits they also have no idea what they’re doing today:

15. When you walk across the playground and the children call your name:tumblr_o698n6FeDt1uk5vmso4_540

16. When a child finally has that lightbulb moment:rachel-bloom-had-to-fight-with-her-network-to-say-the-word-clitoris-on-crazy-ex-girlfriend

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