Year 5/6 Teacher | Performance Arts Champion | Successful Educational Actions For All (SEAS4ALL) Support | Homerton PGCE Part 1a Mentor

I’m a 23 year old RQT who trained at the Faculty of Education, Homerton College in 2016. I’m currently teaching in a Year 5/6 class at a village school that strives to make aspirations achievable for all pupils.

A huge lover of anything literary, my most prized teaching possession is my personalised bookshelf, which my girlfriend very thoughtfully made for me! Theatre, music and scavenging food from the staff room are also other passions of mine.

My biggest flaw is cutting off a conversation mid-sentence because there is a dog in the vicinity. But, seriously, can you blame me? Aside from this, I am very keen to develop my teaching strategies when it comes to mathematics – particularly successfully blending fluency, reasoning and word problems in order to help children become well-rounded mathematicians.