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The Power of Twitter For Educators

Twitter has been one of the most invaluable sources I have utilised during my time as a teacher so far. It's intuitive, dynamic and best of all - it's free! Here are just a few of the benefits I've reaped by using Twitter:   Sharing My Practice I've been able to share my own practice… Continue reading The Power of Twitter For Educators

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Talk For Writing – What I’ve Learned

Talk For Writing, pioneered by literacy idol Pie Corbett, is an approach designed to predominantly develop children as writers and foster a true love for writing. It's backed by great testimonials from teachers and pupils. A number of case studies also provide reliable data as to the positive impact it has on children's progress. This… Continue reading Talk For Writing – What I’ve Learned

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Taking The Spring Term In Your Step

Spring Term. It's dark when you arrive at work. It's dark when you leave work. All the Christmas cheer has subsided. The festivities are over. With these factors in mind, it's all too easy to become consumed by the January Blues.  I've decided to dive into the spring term with a positive mental attitude and… Continue reading Taking The Spring Term In Your Step

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Engaging Reluctant Writers

I've been working with five year 6 boys to refine their writing and after only two sessions I'm thrilled with their progress, enthusiasm and even positive responses from parents: Prior to the first booster, I took their books and assessed how they performing against our assessment criteria. The main target was their sentence construction and… Continue reading Engaging Reluctant Writers

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Engaging A Reluctant Reader

I had a belated parent consultation this afternoon. We discussed how the child in question couldn’t find any book that they really enjoyed getting their teeth into. Some texts had the appropriate level of complexity but were too boring whilst others had more enticing plot lines yet were filled with overly-complicated vocabulary that just put… Continue reading Engaging A Reluctant Reader

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My Top 5 Spagtivities

  Why, yes. I did indeed just create my own term: spagtivity noun  plural noun: spagtivities an activity that requires an exploration of some or all of the following literary elements: spelling, punctuation and grammar. "today we are going to take part in a spagtivity that tests our understanding of clauses." "we are going to… Continue reading My Top 5 Spagtivities

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Our Classroom: A Home Away From Home

I spent roughly twenty hours this summer holiday organising Greenland's classroom. Some teachers spend a lot less time and others can easily dedicate triple this amount to ensure their room is 'up-to-scratch.' It's important to remember that it really doesn't matter how long you spend designing and decorating. What matters, however, is that in England,… Continue reading Our Classroom: A Home Away From Home