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Reading For Pleasure – Hot Chocolate at Starbooks

In a previous blog post ( I alluded to a Reading for Pleasure strategy I was hoping to trial this academic year. Two weeks, two hot chocolates and one mango juice into my trialling, I thought it would be good to sketch out the idea and reflect on the approach so far. The Strategy Children… Continue reading Reading For Pleasure – Hot Chocolate at Starbooks

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20 Times Modern Family Summed Up Being A Teacher

When you get to the end of the day and realise it's only Monday: When you're interrupted stuffing your face in the staff room: When you let the children choose their own groups: When you set the children loose with the science equipment: When the children are coming in and you have nothing ready: When… Continue reading 20 Times Modern Family Summed Up Being A Teacher

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Our Classroom: A Home Away From Home

I spent roughly twenty hours this summer holiday organising Greenland's classroom. Some teachers spend a lot less time and others can easily dedicate triple this amount to ensure their room is 'up-to-scratch.' It's important to remember that it really doesn't matter how long you spend designing and decorating. What matters, however, is that in England,… Continue reading Our Classroom: A Home Away From Home

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Teaching Trafford: The Sequel

Jaws. The Matrix. Jurassic Park. Grease. Q: What do all these films have in common? A: They all spawned incredibly disappointing (and pretty awful) sequels. It's a truth universally acknowledged that film sequels, book sequels and second seasons of television shows are rarely as strong as their original counterparts. Unless you're Shrek 2, that is.… Continue reading Teaching Trafford: The Sequel

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Teacher Of The Week

As we crawl towards the summer term finish line, it's all too easy to focus on being exhausted rather than turn our attention towards celebrating all of our achievements. Seeing my fellow NQT receiving Teacher of the Week, however, was a fantastic reminder that, even though we may feel like zombies in the last few days (or… Continue reading Teacher Of The Week