Classroom Practice · RQT

Engaging Reluctant Writers

I've been working with five year 6 boys to refine their writing and after only two sessions I'm thrilled with their progress, enthusiasm and even positive responses from parents: Prior to the first booster, I took their books and assessed how they performing against our assessment criteria. The main target was their sentence construction and… Continue reading Engaging Reluctant Writers

RQT · Wellbeing and Staff Morale

15 Times ‘The Good Place’ Has Summed Up Being A Teacher

When you forget to send the register: 2. When you return to your class after somehow else has covered it: 3. When one of the pupils calls out another pupil for being rude to you: 4. When one of the children says you're the best teacher: 5. When the children forget to put their names… Continue reading 15 Times ‘The Good Place’ Has Summed Up Being A Teacher

Classroom Practice · Reading For Pleasure · RQT

Engaging A Reluctant Reader

I had a belated parent consultation this afternoon. We discussed how the child in question couldn’t find any book that they really enjoyed getting their teeth into. Some texts had the appropriate level of complexity but were too boring whilst others had more enticing plot lines yet were filled with overly-complicated vocabulary that just put… Continue reading Engaging A Reluctant Reader

Leadership · RQT

Roles and Responsibilities – The Experienced Teacher Paradox

My foolish, naïve NQT self would never have realised how many more responsibilities I'd be bestowed with - and create for myself - during my second year of teaching. I still can't believe I'm trusted with half of them. Unsurprisingly, I bumbled through my first staff meeting in a rather Miranda Hart-esque manner. During my… Continue reading Roles and Responsibilities – The Experienced Teacher Paradox

Classroom Practice · RQT

My Top 5 Spagtivities

  Why, yes. I did indeed just create my own term: spagtivity noun  plural noun: spagtivities an activity that requires an exploration of some or all of the following literary elements: spelling, punctuation and grammar. "today we are going to take part in a spagtivity that tests our understanding of clauses." "we are going to… Continue reading My Top 5 Spagtivities

Reflective Practice · RQT

6 Ways That Being A Mentor Has Improved My Own Practice

When I was first asked if I'd like to be a PGCE trainee mentor I instantly said yes. I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to give back to a course that supported me so relentlessly. Just a day later, I was hit with the question: am I good enough to be a mentor?… Continue reading 6 Ways That Being A Mentor Has Improved My Own Practice

Behaviour · RQT

Seeing Beyond The Behaviour

It's all too easy to reprimand a child for 'bad behaviour' and just move on. Trust me, I've done it far too many times myself and have never felt comfortable with it afterwards. I may have scolded their choices but have I actually resolved the trigger that causes such behaviour? Having reflected recently, I'm attempting… Continue reading Seeing Beyond The Behaviour