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My Transition Activities

Two weeks ago, I had 'Move Up Morning' with my Year 4 class. Next Monday and Tuesday I also have the pleasure of being with them just prior to the summer holidays. Having two and a half days of 'transition' to plan is an incredibly exciting yet open-ended task. Much like all other areas of education,… Continue reading My Transition Activities


One Thing I’ll Never Change

I've learned an incredible amount during my first ever teaching position. There are many things that I will adapt so they can work in the context of my new school. There are other approaches I haven't had the opportunity to try yet fully, which I look forward to exploring. There are also a handful of… Continue reading One Thing I’ll Never Change

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“This Was The Best Day Ever”

These six words were uttered out of a child's mouth on Friday afternoon so I thought I'd record and share what had happened that day: We were coming to the end of our Learning Journey week. This is a week off of our usual timetable (pfft..what does that even mean!?) in which we provide our… Continue reading “This Was The Best Day Ever”

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Engaging A Reluctant Reader

I had a belated parent consultation this afternoon. We discussed how the child in question couldn’t find any book that they really enjoyed getting their teeth into. Some texts had the appropriate level of complexity but were too boring whilst others had more enticing plot lines yet were filled with overly-complicated vocabulary that just put… Continue reading Engaging A Reluctant Reader

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Reading For Pleasure – Hot Chocolate at Starbooks

In a previous blog post ( I alluded to a Reading for Pleasure strategy I was hoping to trial this academic year. Two weeks, two hot chocolates and one mango juice into my trialling, I thought it would be good to sketch out the idea and reflect on the approach so far. The Strategy Children… Continue reading Reading For Pleasure – Hot Chocolate at Starbooks

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Our Classroom: A Home Away From Home

I spent roughly twenty hours this summer holiday organising Greenland's classroom. Some teachers spend a lot less time and others can easily dedicate triple this amount to ensure their room is 'up-to-scratch.' It's important to remember that it really doesn't matter how long you spend designing and decorating. What matters, however, is that in England,… Continue reading Our Classroom: A Home Away From Home